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STESU is well-known for quality products and unsurpassed service that meets or exceeds our customerís requirements.

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  • Fine Litz wire for Hearing Aids


Fine and ultrafine litz wires must be fully protected at all times. They must be placed in a clean and dry location with no exposure to extreme temperature or corrosive atmosphere. Store the wires in a closed container in order to protect them from airborne particles and other pollutants. Stesu Wires meet these requirements.





  • Litz wire for Speakers


  • Fine litz for Microphones, Watches, Spools, Mobile Phones ......


With many years of experience in the medical industry, STESU WIRES can be used directly in many solutions in hearing aids, speakers, microphones, spools, clocks, terminal systems and the like. If you need low-weight vibration-resistant connections, STESU WIRES is the right choice.





  • Shipment Worldwide


STESU is a leader in the development of separate protective packaging for litz wire for the industry. This packaging guarantees that the customerís goods will be delivered in good repair, protected against oxidation, damages, etc. What is more, the packaging is environmentally friendly since it contributes to reducing the use of valuable resources. Our packaging can be recycled.







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